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After falling into the trap of a sham writing company that takes your money and gives you low quality work that can barely pass a plagiarism scan and put together by an unskilled, you think that all writing services are sham and it is difficult to believe that there are genuine writing companies out there. This is the situation that most students find themselves in after going online to find help with academic assignments. Most of them are heartbroken because some scammer somewhere who does not care about professionalism or quality took advantage of their innocence and tricked them into paying their money for a service that he or she never meant to deliver as agreed. We, at are seeking to bring an end to this. We are working to provide workable approaches that can help students identify scammers from a far off.

In order to empower students the way we desire. We go online and study the reviews that students who have previously hired writing companies to work for them leave on social media. However, we rely heavily of reviews that the students we invite to write provide to use. When we invite students to write reviews, we are very specific about what we want to hear. Often, we ask students to give feedback about the consistency in pricing of writing services and the rights that writing companies accord customers including right to receive updates, accurate information, contact writers and request for revisions. We are also interested in knowing the policies and guarantees that writing companies offer and to what extent they observe them. Reviews also need to provide information about availability of plagiarism reports and work samples as well as writer qualifications.

Ranking System

In our reports, you will find companies that we are in the process of reviewing and those that we have reviewed fully. A writing company’s performance is the basis of our ranking system. We determine a company’s performance using a procedure that we create using the elements that students value most. These are the elements that stand out in their reviews. Every writing company we come across is rated against these elements so that we see how they perform in the eyes of their customers. We then rank the writing companies numerically starting with the best performing writing company. This ranking system makes it extremely easy for students to pick reputable companies. When they use this report, they can never go wrong in finding a reputable company that will offer them quality services at reasonable prices.

This is our way of helping students rise above the challenge they currently face of finding good companies in a flooded market. Our aim is not to put companies whose performance is below par on the spotlight but we want to make reputable companies visible to that students can find them easily.

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Other Resources

Our website has more resources that students who want to use reputable writing companies can use. They are in the form of videos and website links. These resources are prepared by the best writing companies so that students can understand their processes by watching the videos and find more information about them through the links below.